Zen of Sudoku

Zen of Sudoku

Zen of Sudoku is another PC version of the famous game Sudoku.
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Zen of Sudoku is another PC version of the famous game Sudoku. Zen of Sudoku has been developed by Oberon Media, developer known for creating Half Life's Natural Selection mod.
Before trying the game we may have thought that this version of the sudoku game would be different from other versions, especially in graphics and sound, because of the quality of other developments by Oberon Media. Unfortunately, the most original thing in Zen of Sudoku is its name. Graphics are bad comparing to other releases by Oberon Media, as well as music and sound effects that seem to be taken from some old amiga games.
Well, lets explain the game a bit more deeply. Right after launching the game, we find a menu in which we can choose between starting a new game and modifying options. When we start a new game, we are prompted about playing a tutorial or not, this may be very useful for those who never played sudoku. After that we can choose between many difficulty levels, which is good.
The board has a "Chinese look" and is big enough to pick squares with mouse. To write a number we don't need to use the keyboard. This idea is good, but is not really well developed. There's an option to get hints if you get stucked.
This version of Zen of Sudoku is a demo version available for free in the developer`s page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • No need to use the keyboard to write numbers


  • Bad graphics and sound effects
  • Very expensive price for a sudoku
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